Born Enslaved: Freed African Americans in Ashtabula County

The 42nd Annual Hubbard House pilgrimage will occur on Saturday, October 2nd, at 10 a.m. Those wishing to attend to pilgrimage may assemble at the Hubbard House Underground Railroad museum beginning at 10 a.m. This year’s pilgrimage will feature the stories of formerly enslaved persons who settled in Ashtabula County. The pilgrimage will take attendees to several stops around the county: to Ashtabula, to Jefferson, to Andover, and to Pierpont, where they will visit the graves of the formerly enslaved persons and learn their stories. The pilgrimage is free for those who wish to attend. This year’s pilgrimage will offered as a no-contact tour. CD discs of the program, a transcript of the program, and directions will be available at the museum the morning of the tour. The tour materials will also be available from the Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum’s website  and on their Facebook page. The Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum is located at 1603 Walnut Blvd. (at the corner of Lake Ave. and Walnut Blvd) in historic Ashtabula Harbor. Please call the museum at (440) 964-8168 with any questions.

Stops and Themes

Martha GoheganEdgewood Cemetery, AshtabulaAfrican Diaspora
Robert M. JohnsonChestnut Grove Cemetery, AshtabulaAfrican American Activism
George GarlickOakdale Cemetery, JeffersonKidnapping
Charles GarlickOakdale Cemetery, JeffersonUnderground Railroad
William Henry JonesOakdale Cemetery, JeffersonCivil War and Reconstruction
Levi JohnsonUnion Cemetery, AndoverBlack Church
Leonard MabaneEvergreen Cemetery, PierpontAfrican American Education

The directions for the tour may be downloaded at: .